What’s in a name?

If Shakespeare is anyone to go by, perhaps Ark & Deer by any other name would smell just as sweet. However, I personally think having a great, meaning-filled name that you declare every time you mention your business has exponential power!


‘Why Ark?’ You say.

I love the Bible story of Noah’s Ark. Noah was this guy, who was commissioned (by God) to build an ark. Noah had never seen rain or an ark in his lifetime. He was essentially (with some conceptual help from above), creating something from nothing. He came up with a brand new construct that no one had ever seen before. This story reminds me of the creative process, which is a big part of Ark & Deer. This incredible story reminds me to ‘DREAM BIG’.  


And ‘Deer’?

The pun potential is endless. Oh deer. But seriously, whenever I imagine a deer, it’s frolicking in some distant field, completely free, with reckless abandon. I hope that facets of my business can help to free people – whether it be setting their small business free with new brand identity, or where it be helping someone unlock an idea they never imagined they’d see outside of their own mind.

Deer remind me to be, and encourage others to be ‘FREE’.

ARK & DEER: “Dream Big & Free.”

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